Don't let your website be ruined by easily correctable mistakes.

Those new to building websites make some simple mistakes that are easily corrected and will improve their site all round. Almost the primary one is “Don’t Steal off the Internet” – don’t copy graphics or images from other peoples’ websites. Some of them will be owned by commercial image collections like Shutterstock and they will come after you for using their copyrighted material (I’ve seen the emails they send). Many websites will be happy for you to use some graphics they have created about their business – if you ask. There a loads of free images and graphics out there and even if the image you really want is on a paid for site they are usually only a few dollars to buy.

Having problems with images?

Quick Bio about me

Image of Nick GreenMy name is Nick Green and I have been building websites for over 10 years and producing custom graphics and images for about the same amout of time. I started my association with websites (not just building them) from the very early days when the bank I worked for created the first online shopping portal – the bleeding edge of technology at the time. It didn’t go well for two reasons not enough stuff to sell online and not enough people with access to the internet to buy what wasn’t there. But a valuable learning exercise (bank speak for a costly failure) that they went on to repeat a few years later by trying to compete with ebay – didn’t hear about it; no one else did either! Being involved in the emergence of the internet and website design taught me some valuable lessons high amongst which was the importance of optimisation – something modern designers seem to have forgotten and it means we all suffer. Hopefully my Blog will help you stay away from the Dark Side.

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